cellular communications tower on a background of the city and beautiful sunset in summer

Stay Connected

Whether you need to connect from building to building, implement a redundant link or connect a geographically remote location wireless point-to-point, point-to-multi-point or LTE connectivity may be the answer. We work with several manufacturers to provide you with the cost effective solution you require. Don't spend a fortune on trenching cable when you can achieve gigabit speeds over wireless links.

Broadband Connectivity

We offer wireless broadband links for redundancy or remote locations. Don't let internet outages control your companies bottom line be prepared with wireless fail over allowing connectivity to circuits separated geographically.

If your site is so remote that wired is not an option we offer both LTE and satellite options to connect you to the outside world.

PTP and PTMP Solutions

Our point to point and point to multi point solutions provide a great cost saving alternative to expensive cable trenching required to connect buildings back to your core network. Utilizing today's industry leading technologies we can provide gigabit speeds over your wireless links.

Our wireless professionals can provide you with site assessment and design to ensure that your wireless link is properly provisioned for it's environment for years to come.