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Simplified Collaboration

VoIP and Unified Communications has revolutionized the way we collaborate with each other in the workplace. Instant Messaging, Video calls, Presence and Audio Visual Conferencing allows for increases in productivity with reductions in cost. You are now able to connect with offices around the world as if you are in the same room.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Allow your staff to collaborate from any location by utilizing audio and video conferencing. With HD audio and video you can host meetings and presentations as if you were in the same boardroom.

Instant Messaging

Increase productivity by utilizing instant messaging. If you need a quick response or need to multi task with a colleague while on the phone instant messaging is the answer.

CRM Integration

Maximize your customer management with CRM integration. We can integrate with popular sites like Sales Force, Office 365, Google Contacts and more. Or integrate your with your own with using custom API.

Unified Messaging

Check your call recordings, voicemails and fax directly on your desktop or mobile client. Or simply have them sent to your e-mail inbox.

Mobile Client

Have the use of your extension anywhere, by utilizing windows or android mobile applications. Give your employees full integration with the office phone system any where they have access to a mobile network.

IP Phones

Hands free Voice and Video calling directly from your desk phone. We provide a large selection of desk phone models to accommodate your requirements and budget.


Provide your office with insight into employees availability and contact options with presence. Set end users to in or out of office, away from desk and online.

Desktop Client

Provide your end users with the full feature set of a desk phone and more directly on their computer. This can provide remote users with the in office experience that is required for proper collaboration.