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Wireless LAN Site Survey & Design

A wireless LAN site survey or design is the first step in properly planning, maintaining or expanding a wireless network capable of meeting your business's needs. Gone are the days of deploying Wi-Fi for signal coverage alone. Today's wireless LANs are required to support things such as Voice, Video, RTLS and the IoT. This means planning for capacity, frequency allocation, roaming thresholds as well as signal coverage.

Types of Wireless Surveys

At Lambda Networks we offer several different wireless site surveys to meet your needs. Each will provide you with a comprehensive report including heat maps, our findings and recommendations. Our wireless network professionals will present the report to you answering any questions you may have.

Predictive Design

A predictive design is ideal for new builds or budgetary purposes. Our team of wireless professionals will work with you to determine your companies specific requirements and plan for the optimal design. The design is completed using our industry leading wireless survey software. We will create your environment virtually with planned AP locations and their intended parameters to predict measurements throughout your facility. You will then be provided with a comprehensive report detailing our design using industry best practices.

Conventional Survey

Our conventional site survey is the most comprehensive planning tool available. This allows our wireless network professionals the ability to collect true RF information such as neighboring networks, non Wi-Fi interferes and true signal propagation. We simulate each intended access point location based on these finding using our wireless site survey kit. Once completed we are able to compile each location into an overall report providing you with the intended wireless network outcome.

Health Check Survey

If you are experiencing issues with your wireless or just want to ensure your are maximizing your ROI our health check site survey is an invaluable tool. It allows our wireless network professionals to diagnose issues like rogue devices, non Wi-Fi interferes, signal coverage gaps, throughput, co-channel or adjacent channel interference and more.  This is done by collecting real time data and spectrum analysis of your RF environment.

Post Validation Survey

Once your wireless network has been properly planned, designed and implemented it is time to confirm everything is working according to plan. This is a detrimental phase to your wireless networks success as it will provide proof that you are maximizing your investment. Our wireless network professionals will collect real-time data using our industry leading software to validate that your network is reaching it's throughput, capacity, signal coverage and frequency allocation goals.